How to Stop Twitter Emails

If you're tired of getting so many emails from Twitter, don't worry. There's an easy and quick way to make sure that you don't get another email from Twitter again. We'll show you how to stop Twitter from sending emails to you, and stop getting email notifications from Twitter in an instant!

There's a couple ways to handle this, so we'll walk you through the simplest options!

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How to stop Twitter from sending you emails

You can access your email preferences by following the steps outlined below. Access your settings page by following these steps!

  1. Open your Twitter account, and click Notifications > Email on the Left sidebar, or follow this link
  2. Toggle Email notifications to turn off global notifications
  3. Or scroll down and update your preference for each individual settings
Managing your Twitter Notification Settings

Over here, you'll be able to configure for which items you'd like to get email notifications for by Twitter. You'll also have the option to change your Push Notifications and SMS notifications so you can free yourself from getting alerts from just about everything going on. If you're looking for some peace of mind on your device, be sure to update these settings as well!

Unsubscribing from a Twitter Email

You can also unsubscribe directly by following a link at the bottom of one of the emails you received  from Twitter! You can usually do this by checking one of your emails that you received.

  1. Open an email you received by Twitter
  2. Look for a section at the bottom of the email which talks about opting out (e.g. opt out, unsubscribe)
  3. Click on the link provided and update your settings

Unsubscribe Quickly with Unsubscriber

Have too many people sending you email you don't want? Take care of it all in one go by using a bulk archive tool such as Unsubscriber. It's the quickest way to identify all your emails subscriptions and see which ones you don't want anymore.

You can clear your inbox easily and quickly with a single click! If you want to get your inbox back to a manageable state, we definitely recommend checking it out!

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